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Chapter 19

And so it ends. The new creation is underway in its journey to discover the reality of the power of Light and Love. Expanding toward the east, Star and others find more Adam families and continue on there journey toward the rising sun. I emphasized this direction as there has always been a deeper spiritual sense in the eastern religions. While I am personally more in harmony with the spiritual reality of Christ, I also see a tremendous compatibility between much of the eastern mystical thinking and the the teachings of Jesus. 

The celebration of Sun was a beautiful way to show the power of Light and the conflict of Shadow.  The ego darkness of Adam Fish leaves him alone and bitter, yet still believing in his own story. I believe much of the conflict in the middle east is the miss-placed ideas of ego. Perhaps they are simply the evolving generations of Adam Fish; however, this is still just a work of fiction.

Satari and Domatarious have planted the seeds of understanding and will now watch new generations of Adams evolve into the perfection of the plan of the God of All Good Things. We will join them again in Light and Shadow, which is now being distributed on Click here for more information on Light and Shadow and other books. 
The following is the summary of the spiritual teaching in I am Adam. Much thanks to all of you who have communicated with me on how deeply I Am Adam impacted your lives. Any thoughts you have would always be greatly appreciated. Write me at Walk in the Power of Love and Light.

James Twerell

1. There is no Shadow without Light, and Light is always stronger than Shadow. The deception of Shadow is the thought that we are separate from Light. The truth is we are one with the God-of-All-Good-Things and can never be separate from that place of security. The truth of Light brings us peace and joy for it shows we are one with God. Lean on the truth of Light and it will dispel shadow. The reality of this is that all struggles are over, as we cannot be separate from God. Shadow only brings the fear and uncertainty of being alone. Shadow and darkness of thought would have you create more shadow. Nevertheless, shadow acts when we are not calling Light to come forth. The Light will always lead to joy and abundance, so when you face shadow, believe in the Power of the Light, and shadow will disappear. Be aware of your feelings, for they will tell you if you are in Light or shadow. Light can only produce joy and abundance; shadow can only produce fear and lack. There is no separation from Light, for there is no separation from God.
2. The creation of all life is by God's thoughts. We are the thoughts of God, going forth from the creator to accomplish all the creator desires. All God's thoughts are good and therefore all creation is good. You are part of the goodness of the universe and are on earth to be God's thought on earth just as it is in heaven. God's thoughts are Divine beliefs, and beliefs always are creative actions. Our thoughts, held long enough, turn to beliefs, which also produce creativity. If our beliefs are negative, they will still be creative, but will not bring the abundance of joy. Our beliefs, in harmony with God's thoughts, find peace, joy and the abundance of love that are the totality of all God's thoughts. The teachings tell us God saw the void, and said, Let there be light, and there was light, and God saw that it was good.
3. You have the ability to produce what you want in order to go through this life with Joy. Because God provides for our life through the Law of Sowing and Reaping, that which we send forth comes back to us. Our thoughts control our beliefs and feelings. If we think negative and believe negative, we shall sow negative and reap negative back. If we focus on joy, abundance, and maintain a positive outlook, we shall sow this and reap it in return. Shadow and darkness of thoughts would tempt you to create more shadow, which the universe gives you if you believe you want it. However, shadow can only act if we do not call forth Light. The Light will always lead to joy and abundance, so when you face shadow, believe in the Power of the Light, and the universe will provide for you. What you feel will tell you if you are in Light or shadow. Light can only produce joy and abundance; shadow can only produce fear and lack. You will follow joy and abundance and the universe will provide for your journey.
4. Your creativity will provide for your journey. You can create that which you desire, and cannot create for others in their journey. However, your Light allows others the opportunity to remember their Light and turn shadow away. Use your power to create in order to bring joy and abundance to your life and your Light will guide those who seek direction out of the shadow. When you cling to the reality of the Light, shadow must disappear. You will create Light for other to know that shadow is fading and Light is abundantly available.
5. You will see with the eyes of your soul, things you cannot see with the eyes of the temporary earth form. In quiet meditation, focus on all that brings you joy, peace, and love and picture it as a reality in your life. Make this vision so real you see it every time you close your eyes. In this vision, the eyes of the soul will see the reality of all you desire to create for your journey. In your eyes of the soul, see all you desire in order to walk in Light. Make the vision of the eyes of soul your living reality and you will see in the natural all you have created in the eyes of the soul.
6. You are one with God, and are not separate from anything that is. You are one with all life, as all life is one with you. There is no division in the universe, for all things are of God and nothing can be separate. Everything and everyone you see is one with you for all things are in God. The thoughts of others or the circumstances you are in do not limit you for you are one with God. All power is in God and all power is in everything made by God, as all things are one. You have all power to create, live, love, and be joy. This is the gift of being, and is never lost. Shadow is an illusion of separation but Light is the only reality. As this Light increases in all creation, shadow will disappear forever, for there is no shadow in the God-of-All-Good-Things.
7. In love, there is ultimate joy, peace, and abundance. God creates and sustains all things by the Power of Love. Love does not seek to receive it only seeks to give. You must love yourself as part of God, and you must love others as yourself, as you are all one. Love is the first sound of God and the completion of all thoughts. Love creates joy and abundance. Love yourself, give joy to yourself, and give joy to others, for you have ultimate creative power of God and this love holds all life together. Truth teaches us, there is Faith, Hope, and Love; but the greatest of these is Love. In all things, because of God, Love Never Fails.

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Chapter 18 - year 35

The conflict between the shadow as seen in Adam Fish and the light as depicted in Eve finally comes to a head in the village meeting. Adam Fish is the embodiment of what we call negative ego understanding. He has developed a narcissistic approach to life that demands everything follow his thinking. While he sees life through his own perspective, the ego needs to have an enemy to focus on so it can justify its position. Adam Fish sees Eve as the fullness of all evil, and truly believes she is the reason for all his problems. His statement that "all women are males who god has cursed. Her outside sex turns inside her for her shame" is a strong statement. Unfortunately, it is a statement made around 700 AD by the leaders of the Christian Church. Ego is ego, no matter when it shows up.

Eve begins to be transformed in her thinking as her life source (which is Satari) begins to surface. She sees things with new eyes and describes life in the same fashion as Domatarious described to Sun when she was in Eternity. Eve tells the families about the eight female Adam's who God created and how they and the male are a new chance for life on earth. Sending all the love and light she can muster, she tries to reach Adam Fish, but he gives into the Shadow and leaves the families all behind.

In one last attempt to bring Adam Fish into the Power of Love and Light, Eve journeys into Adam Fish's camp and confronts him. In his ego rage, Adam Fish plunges a blade into Eve, and destroys the life within her. Her dying words echo even through creation today, "Why Adam Fish? With so much love, why do this?" I wish we could answer that question today, but it goes unanswered.

Into the void that Eve leaves behind, her daughter Sunna steps into the focus of God's plan. As Domatarious promised Sun, she would have a second life on earth, and she would be an influence to thousands. As the life force in Sunna, Sun's journey continues.

This chapter is really the completion of the thought I wanted to convey in the book. The conflict of Shadow and Light is an ongoing problem in both individuals and society. Carl Jung talked about the collective unconscious of societies and how that understanding will define nations, politics, peace and wars.  In each of us is the ability to follow the Power of the Law of Love and Light.
 In the end of Chapter 19 I will give a list of what I see as the Laws of Love and Light. While we have touched on all of them in I Am Adam, they are clearly discussed in the second book of Domatarious Chronicles, "The Light and the Shadow", which is available through Amazon. Go to my website for more information.

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Chapter 17 - Year 35

The conflict with Light and Shadow reaches the summit. Dawn and Hunter excitedly cross the river and discover a campsite. At last they have found other Adam families and can bring their people together with others after a long journey. Sunna and Fire are resolved to go forward with their desire to restore relationships between Adam Fish's family and the other members of the village.

However, Adam fish is now blinded by his own shadow and is prepared to kill Dawn, who he has mistakenly assumed was Dawn's twin sister Eve. The conflict begins and Adam Fish captures Dawn, stabs Hunter, and attempts to kill his own son, Fire. The blindness of our ego always leads to the destruction of the things we have tried to accomplish. The ego of emperors and kings has always led to the destruction of nations and kingdoms they rule. The ego of individuals in relationships will bring down the very relationship they try to possess. The shadow side of ego is part of each individual, but even stronger is the power of light. It is the choice of the individual.

Dawn is rescued by the people in the village and is restored to her sister Eve. The power of healing is demonstrated by Sunna, showing the gift has successfully been passed on to another generation. Adam Fish is taken to the village, for now a decision must be made about how to deal with Adam Fish's murderous intent. While it appears the light has triumphed over shadow, the story is still far from finished.

Watching the destructive power within Adam Fish has been a lesson to me. I must consciously choose to walk in Light and love, for shadow is ever present. I hope other can see this destructive power and learn form the actions of Adam Fish. 

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Chapter 16 - year 35

Fifteen years have passed since Eve left her people and made the journey down the river. In that time, her twin sister Dawn has entered a relationship with Adam Hunter, who was originally with Wind. I did ponder on this relationship, but decided it made more sense than the biblical Adam and Eve story, where suddenly there were other females that were having children. I do struggle with the thought that the bible needs to be taken literally when it has so many places that defy explanation. To me the bible is an inspired account of the spiritual growth of the Hebrew nation as given to each generation. The new testament, which I personally believe needs to be separated from the old testament, as they are two separate concepts, is an inspired account of the teachings of Jesus. By now I have probably antagonized a large portion of people, so let us return to the story.

Dawn and Hunter are filled with life and love as they seek a new path for the larger family following them. On the other shore is Sunna and Fire, who are also filled with life and love. However, in the middle is the shadow of Adam Fish, who seeks only to further his own interest and bring everyone into submission to his thinking. The contrast between the Light and the Shadow is very clear in this chapter, and establishes the focus for the remainder of the book.

Adam Fish is convinced that everything around him can be possessed. He sees the fish as MY fish, his wife as MY wife, his children as MY children and thoroughly believes that all things are there for him to use at his pleasure. The fact that his mate Day has stopped having sex with him is not a problem, he will simply have sex with his daughters when they are old enough. Nothing is sacred but Adam Fish. I wish this was fiction, but just listen to the world around and see how much struggle takes place because everyone wants to possess the world around them and call it "MINE". There is no room for "WE" in a world run by "I".

Dawn and Hunter discover the path into Adam Fish's camp, and Adam Fish spots them on the shore. In his desire to rid the world of Eve and her lies, he thinks Dawn is Eve and can not believe his good fortune as he plot to kill her when she enters his camp. The Light and the Shadow are about to collide.

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Chapter 15 -- year 33

Domatarious makes his presence known to Star in order to give guidance and insight for the journey ahead. Star and Moon have traveled far as they seek both Eve and a path for the sheep to follow. The interaction with Domatarious opens Stars understanding about his personal journey and the challenges ahead.

To me, the pertinant part of this chapter is the description Domatarious provides about the purpose of the eternal journey, especially the part here on earth. He explains that the power of the Law of Love and Light is in our ability to see the beauty of God's plan even when circumstances tell us things are difficult.

The journey of life on earth is a small part of eternity, and can really be seen as a classroom along the way. If the journey is truly following the thoughts of God, then Light and Love are the tools provided for our use. But the only way we can truly undertstand the power of Light and Love is to experience situations that are contrary to the beauty of God's thoughts. The difficulties of life are always around us, but they are not there to defeat us; they are here to provide opportunities to see Light and Love in action. Our choice is to either trust in the power of Light and Love, or walk in the pain of the difficult circumstances.

Once again, Domatarious shows the availbility of the Providers to bring us all we need for the journey. If we walk in harmony with the Power of Light and Love, then we will recieve the abundace necessary for our journey. When we choose to walk in disharmony, then the Providers leave us to our own abilites to provide for ourself.

The second part of the chapter is the return of Sunna to the territory of Fire and Adam Fish. Much like the section with Star and Domatarious, the interaction between Sunna and Fire is a chance to watch the power of Love and Light as it works in the midst of the difficult energy brought by Fire. Sunna never backs down, nor attacks. Rather, she trusts in the feeling she has within her soul. The bitterness and anger taught by Adam Fish begins to crumble as Star touches the beauty of Love and Light.

In all our journeys, we have the ability to either walk in darkness of shadow, or follow the harmony of Love and Light. This may be a fiction story, but in my personal life, these truths are a proven reality. Have you seen this reality in your journey? Leave a comment or email me at

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Chapter 14 -Year 33

This is the continuing blog about the book I Am Adam by J.T.Twerell. For a copy of the book Click here.

Love moves to one more generation. Sunna, now around 13 discovers the son of Adam Fish. Sun, in her eternal place with Dom, requested to return to earth and be with someone who was not as open to the Power of Love and Light. She then returned to earth as the life force within Sunna and now comes in contact with Fire, the rather stubborn son of Adam Fish.

To me, the purpose of our journey on earth is to discover the depth of the Love of God for his creation. In our journey, we encounter hardship and difficulty so we have opportunity to trust in the Love of God. If we succeed in this, we will learn a deeper lesson in our soul and enjoy the fruit os success. If we fail, and trust only in our own understanding, then we will miss the opportunity to see the love of God in action. However, I sincerely believe that we will discover that missed reality at our human death, and that lesson will become part of our souls journey. 

Sunna and Fire interact on the beach, and each shows the depth of their environmental training. Sunna, guided by Eve and Adam's love and understanding, shows confidence in her own abilities and is not intimidated by Fire's challenge. Fire on the other hand, reflects the insecurity and mistrust of Adam Fish. Insecurity about life forces a person to develop strong rules and regulations, and Adam Fish has instilled both the rules and the insecurity in Fire.

The prayers of the people have gone forth asking for Adam Fish to be reconciled to the family. Now Sunna and Fire have an opportunity to reach across the gap and possibly make a new start. There is risk in letting the relationship grow, but risk is the price of success.

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Chapter 13 - Year 30

Chapter 13 - Year 30

This is the continuing blog about the book I Am Adam by J.T.Twerell. For a copy of the book Click here.

Ten years pass and the many families of Adam continue to grow. Star and Moon have returned from their river adventure, produced children, and settled into a normal life. However, the key to the growth of the species is dependent upon the interaction of the different families, and Star is the embodiment of the drive that takes man over the next mountain.

In this short chapter is a deep spiritual dynamic that depicts the desire of species to move beyond complacency and seek new discoveries. Star and Moon, the younger and more adventuresome of the family, are obviously prepared to journey forth, but what about Adam, Wind, and the others. What possible reason would there be for them to leave what they know and move out into the larger world. I think Adam says it best when he tells Star, "I do agree, that if we just live and die, what have we really accomplished."

In each persons journey there is a place of seeking to be more than we can imagine. To some that is very small, to others it is major. However, I really believe in every human, if we become too complacent, we have lost the joy of life.

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Chapter 12--- year 20

Chapter 12--- year 20

This is the continuing blog about the book I Am Adam by J.T.Twerell. For a copy of the book Click here.

In this chapter we enter into the deeper conflict between Light and shadow. Dom meets with Eve and gives her insight to the "eyes of the soul". This concept is something that I have personally seen in my journey. To me it is similar to a spiritual GPS providing guidance through the intricacies of life. If we sense a place of peace within our very being, we are on the correct path for our journey. 

This place of peace indicates we are in harmony with the universe and the positive impact it contains. Disharmony brings us a sense of fear, anger, anxiety, etc. and needs to be examined to see where we went off track. To me, this is a place of contentment with life. In the New Testament, Paul states in Phillipians, "What ever place I find myself, there I am content". 

To me this is a place that I may not feel happy, for happiness appears periodically and is not a permanent part of our journey. However, even if I an not happy, I can feel content if I trust in the larger part of all creation; the plans of God. The eyes of the soul, is the place we see the activity around us not from a place of interpretation by my experience, but from a place of trusting in the larger purpose of God. 

Eve carries this understanding into the meeting with Adam Fish, who is the embodiment of shadow understanding. In this understanding, the only thing that truly matters is self and the things self needs to get through life. While we do need to protect our journey, we also need to work in concert with others so we may be in harmony with each other as we are in harmony with God. 

Adam Fish believes that what he produces belongs to him and refuses to share openly with the community. This idea of "I own the world around me" is the conclusion of dualism, as it openly claims I am separate from others. The core of I am Adam, is all are truly one.

This plays out in a different scenario when Adam and Eve are talking about "owning" each other in the relationship. This is a continuing conversation from the earlier time when Eve discusses the aspect of "owning" each other with Wind. To me, this sense of possessiveness is the downfall of human experience. As long as I believe I am better than others, I will compete for supremacy, or I will fall to another's superiority. Either way, I am no longer one with all creation.

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I am Adam – Chapter 11 year 19

 Chapter 11 year 19

This is the continuing blog about the book I Am Adam by J.T.Twerell. For a copy of the book Click here.

The creation is now 19 years old and the youth are prepared to expand their horizon. In the original placement of the Adam’s, each was close enough that they could find each other, but far enough apart that they would develop their own individuality. This is both the blessing and the curse of the human experience. We are all uniquely individual and separate, responsible for our own individual journey, and not in control of other’s journey. However, we are also communal people who desire to be in touch with others. The question is always, how do we maintain individuality and yet become one with others. This is the journey that Eve, Star and Moon embark upon in this chapter.

The adventure is a breath-taking experience as they travel well beyond all their people have ever known. However, the expedition takes on a new twist when the raft goes over the falls and leaves Eve alone in the excursion. In our life, it is often the unexpected challenge that lifts us into the better places of life. We need to trust in the journey and not struggle to maintain the status quo.

Eve finds the next group of Adam’s and discovers they have built a thriving community and are rapidly expanding in both knowledge and skills. The leaders of the community are the original creations and are know as the Elders. Eve makes a major impact with her arrival. Her looks are different with her light colored hair, and she uses the healing powers that Sun taught her, which provide a rather pointed introduction.

We quickly meet Adam Fish, who is an elder and had traveled up the river to find the other Adam families. Adam Fish is the arrival of the shadow in a place of pure light. Let the battle begin, for this is the human journey.

Eve has found her Adam, and is now prepared to enter into the purpose for her being on earth. Remember, Eve is the earth form for the life force of Satari, and Eve will also have a child who will be the vessel for the life force of Sun. It is just one big family, and that is really what all humanity is intended to be. How sad that we have lost that reality.

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Chapter 10 year 18

 Chapter 10 year 18  

This is the continuing blog about the book I Am Adam by J.T.Twerell. For a copy of the book Click here.

This was one of my favorite chapters as it allowed me to really pour out all I was sensing within my own soul. I won’t say that Domatarious was sitting with me, but this was one time that the words took on a life of their own.

 Eve, as she had requested, is called upon to return to earth but is amazed that it happens so soon. Domatarious explains that ten years had passed, but she didn’t know it as there is no sense of time in eternity. I often think how limited we are because of the constraints of time. Life itself is limited in understanding because we feel trapped by death. A sense of eternity allows us to live one moment at a time, not concerned about the future or trying to change the past.   

Several deep insights are brought to light in this chapter. The first is the reality of “soul connection” with other humans. In the scenario of eternity, as explored in this book, the journey through eternity has many stopping off places in which we develop connections with other eternal beings. Adam and Sun have a deep connection on earth and will have that connection all through eternity. While they may not remember each other during their different stops, they will sense the connection and know that this is a special relationship.

 I have that feeling in many different aspects of life. I know I am soul connected to my wife and I have other relationships that are uniquely deep in their makeup. I treasure those relationships, even if some were fleeting, because they connect me with my eternal journey.    

The next insight is the inability for us to fail in our human journey. The plan of God will work perfectly, for that is what  eternity is all about. We can walk in harmony with that plan during our earth years and find peace and fullness of life. Or we can walk according to our own understanding, ignoring any spiritual connection, and not enjoy the abundance available to us. Either way, we are simply on a course which will prove that love never fails. If we don’t grasp that lesson while on earth, we will see it upon our return to eternity and will rejoice at the knowledge. Again, there is no threat of punishment for doing it wrong. I think this is the main thought that separates I Am Adam from general organized religion. If there is unconditional love, with no punishment, the journey is one of joy. Others will disagree with the concept on no hell, but it is a primary position in the book.   

The next insight is the concept of Providers. I had never had a conscious thought about this type of 4th dimensional activity, but when I began to write about them, I felt an unbelievable joy. Think about the Providers who are there to make our life full if we simply walk in the harmony of love and light. If we walk in shadow and anger, then we remove the Providers from our journey. I sincerely believe this is a reality, but it is up to each reader to determine their understanding.     

These are simple concepts, but they can transform our journey if we grasp them. Let me know your thoughts about these insights. Agree or disagree, it really doesn’t matter, it is just part of our journey.  Leave a comment below or email me at

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Chapter 9 --- year 9

I Am Adam
Chapter 9 – year 9

This is the continuing blog about the book I Am Adam by J.T.Twerell. For a copy of the book Click here.

This is a chapter that has met a real diverse response from readers. The main struggle seems to be with those who see this approach to eternity as a reincarnation. In the true meaning of the word, which is a re entering of the soul, then this is a form of reincarnation. However, it is not as a punishment, or a trial to move up the food chain, it is a series of voluntary stops in the eternal journey of the soul.

Sun wakes in eternity, and has every sense that she is still a living being on earth.  Because she is an original creation for the earth, she has never been in the eternal prior to this time. I remember the first time I visited Paris, a city that I truly love. It was a tremendous experience that literally saturated every part of my being. Last year I returned to Paris, and once again felt a great joy. But this time I carried a remembrance of all I learned on my first visit, and I now was able to add to that experience. In a simplified example, that is the experience of our eternal journey. While we journey here on earth, we are away from all that we love and know, but when we return, the joy is overwhelming and we now carry on with the knowledge we have gained in our other experiences.

In the Christian community (of which I am a part) the resistance to this is rather acute. I find this interesting in that Jesus clearly demonstrates that he came from heaven and returns. God tells Jeremiah and David that he knew them before they were in their mother's womb. Moses and Elisha meet Jesus and Peter on the mount of transfiguration, and they are in their actual eternal forms. 

The historical church has resisted this concept of eternal life, largely because of the threat of hell and punishment if we don’t do the life journey according to the rules. This positive journey described in I Am Adam precludes the concept of hell. The unconditional love of God is not out to put us on trial; it is there to support us in our journey so we can better understand the true power of love and light.

Domatarious has Sun evaluate her journey, without fear or judgment, so she can better understand what she learned on earth. She is invited to return to earth and experience life from a different perspective so she can learn even more about the power of love. As Dom says, she cannot fail in her journey, for there is no pass or failure, just understanding.

We do see that Eve has deeper insight because she is not only an old soul; she is actually Satari in a new earth form.

The ceremony of celebration in the end of the chapter is the beginning of earth worship and spiritual understanding. I realize that a lot of this may be difficult to grasp, but I hope the reader will allow the challenge to be a place of growth and not anger. We don’t have to all agree on how God works, we simply need to respect each others journey. Let me know your thoughts in the comment section or write to me at

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Chapter 8 ----- year 9

Chapter 8 ----- year 9

This is the continuing blog about the book I Am Adam by J.T.Twerell. For a copy of the book Click here.

Nine years into the new creation and life progresses smoothly. The reference to Sun and Wind both having a new baby is the indication that they are both sharing a relationship with Adam, and have developed a harmonious flow of life. This is the continuation of the nondualism of the creation that we discussed in the previous chapter.

Eve continues to grow in wisdom and shares her newly troubled feelings with Domatarious. He indicates she is feeling an emotion from another who is not part of the family. The interesting thing about this chapter is I also felt the feeling of unrest as I began to write it. I didn’t want to continue it as I sensed it was not going to go smoothly. How many times have all of us had those feelings that we cant identify, but know are somehow significant.

If we are truly all one from creation, then it is logical we will sense deep feelings given off by others. As a therapist, I am very sensitive to the feeling a client brings into the room. What they say and what I feel are often quite different, and I have learned to go with the feeling. It has proven to be the best direction 99% of the time.

That night around the campfire is a combination of every possible emotion the new creation can produce. The singing and dancing the adult’s share around the campfire expresses the sheer joy of life. But then enters the darkness of the wounded Adam. After seeking out Wind, the new Adam finally discovers her happily living with a new group of people. Rather than feeling joy in his discovery, he allows the shadow to produce anger. Still believing that Wind belongs to him, he shatters the harmony of both the evening and of the creation. In the end, our beautiful and loving Adam Sun lies dead, leaving a devastated and broken Adam and Wind behind.

The major shift is seen in the depth of wisdom that Eve suddenly reveals. With the death of Sun, Eve is plunged into an understanding that transcends even her own grief. Eve is the power of Light that comes into the quickly forming shadows. She presents the alternatives to the shadow, but does not force anyone to change, for free will is sacred, and following the Light is always a choice.  In the midst of the darkest moment of the new creation, Light is challenged, but the truth is, there is never enough shadow to put out light.

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Chapter 7 --year 6

Chapter 7 --- year 6

This is the continuing blog about the book I Am Adam by J.T.Twerell. For a copy of the book Click here.

The new creation has settled into a routine that is productive and harmonious. Wind’s two children, River and Moon, are integrated into the community, and the adults have developed a very loving relationship. Eve poses a question to Wind that opens an entire philosophical issue. She simply asks if Wind is going to have children with Adam. Wind says that Adam belongs to Sun and Eve simply states, “The God of All Good Things works with what we have.”

Many readers questioned if my intention was to simply have a communal society with no marital guidelines. I sincerely believe in the beauty and integrity of a good marital relationship, and as a professional counselor working with hundreds of couples, I try to help them develop positive and loving relationships.

My main question in this chapter is about the “ownership” mentality that seems to come with many relationships. Personally, I think this all develops from a strong patriarchal emphasis that seems to dominate the major religions. To me this is one of the real downfalls of dualism or the tendency of humans to perceive and understand the world as being divided into two overarching categories.

The original story of the Garden of Eden emphasized that all the creation was one with God and was in harmony. While an essence of good and evil existed, they were simply not separate.  Nondualism is the idea that things appear distinct while not being separate and I think this is what the biblical story was trying to point out. All creation is one and not separate.

The Eden story states that Adam and Eve ate the apple and obtained the knowledge of good and evil. They didn’t create it; they simply began to see it as separate. Now they were separate from each other, separate from God, and separate from eternal harmony. Eve took the fall for this and became the lesser person, owned by Adam and subject to him. Hence, dualism ruled the creation.

In I Am Adam, we are confronted with the reality that Sun doesn’t own Adam, and Wind is as much an equal with Adam as Sun. By being one with each other, not as a possession, but as an equal, then the creation would truly share the love available and be in harmony.

This is a difficult thought, but one I believe is imperative to understand if we are going to truly embrace a loving universe. It is the core of the teachings of Jesus, Buddha, Mohammad and other impactual religious writers.
  The yin and yang symbol represents the philosophy of balance, where two opposites co-exist in harmony and are able to transmute into each other. This is the relationship of equals in I Am Adam, and will develop even more in subsequent chapters.

I really would like to hear your thoughts on this difficult passage. Add an opinion below or email me at

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Chapter 6 – Year 5

Chapter 6 – Year 5
This is the continuing blog about the book I Am Adam by J.T.Twerell. For a copy of the book Click here.

The population has increased over the years and now includes Star – the five year old male we met in the last chapter, and the twins Dawn and Eve, who are about 4. Sun has given birth to another male who is not identified in this chapter. Trying to catch the harmony of the environment was important, as Adam male and Adam Sun were really the embodiment of love and light together. They work together, laugh together, love together and reproduce together. Everything is balanced and in harmony.

Now it is time for a new dimension to enter the picture. Adam discovers another female who has been wounded and he brings her back to their clearing. This Adam is known as Wind and is the first meeting of the other Adam creations Satari and Domatarious mentioned earlier. While she is alone, she is pregnant, which causes Adam and Sun to wonder where the mate may be. This meeting is a step toward either larger harmony or major disharmony. Wind is hesitant in meeting, and very cautious about Adam male. We sense that there may have been some disharmony between Wind and her mate, but will explore this later.

The other main character in the chapter is Eve. Dawn and Eve are twins, but Eve seems to be more sensitive and intuitive to the things around her. We discover that she is in communication with Domatarious and he has been instructing her about the different aspects of her world and provides a quiet subtle guidance for her understanding.

Personally, I do believe that God (or the God of all Good Things) is constantly involved in the work of the creation. I can’t believe that there is a God who sits on a throne and brings either blessing or curse to the creation. It is just too Greek Myth for me. But I do see an ultimate power that orchestrates all life toward some magnificent and wonderful conclusion. The journey on earth is just part of our eternal journey, but it is a place to truly understand the power of love and how it works. I believe that each of us is able to have direction and communication form God, but we simply ignore or miss these interactions. This will be d4eveloped as the book unfolds.

This chapters last line was a place I had to stop and ponder when I wrote it “Time is a measure that limits understanding.” What did Domatarious mean by that? My only thought was the magnificence of thinking without boundaries. If I am eternal, what impact does time rally have on me? What are your thoughts on this? How do you see the creation and the creator?

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Friday, February 25, 2011

Chapter 5 - year 2

Chapter 5 - year 2

This is the continuing blog about the book I Am Adam by J.T.Twerell. For a copy of the book Click here.

The female, now know as Adam Sun, finally has her desire fulfilled. She and Adam have produced a male child known as Star. Unlike the biblical account of Adam and Eve, who produced the conflicted brothers know as Cain and Able, I chose to let this Adam develop slowly with a single offspring. I spent a lot of time thinking about how those early days would have been spent as the Adam’s explored the creation together. They were obviously curious about things around them, and with the advent of fire in the previous chapter, were now prepared to “civilize” their surroundings.

The conversation we catch in this part of the story is the natural curiosity about other Adams being created. They confuse the echo off the mountain as a possible other Adam, but don’t really dwell on the possibility of other Adams being out in the earth. To me this is the place of contentment. There are always things in our life that show us our limited understanding, but these things are not to be feared, they are simply a place of awe. The idea that there are others out in the universe who are similar to humans is not a frightening thing, it is simply a place of awe. Our internal conflicts with life come when we believe we should understand and control all that is going on around us. How futile is that thought. Contentment is truly living within the moment and knowing it is all good.

As they leave the mountain, a voice which is not an echo cries out “I am Adam”. In their journey they don’t hear the voice, but are simply filled with the happiness of being together. If they missed the opportunity to hear the voice, it is not important, for in time, all things work together for good. That is the life of contentment.

Are you content today or are you striving for happiness. Remember, happiness happens periodically, but is never permanent. I can be unhappy for the moment, but still content with the journey, for it is larger than my understanding.

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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Chapter 4, Year 1 – Understanding.

Chapter 4, Year 1 – Understanding.

This is the continuing blog about the book I Am Adam by J.T.Twerell. For a copy of the book Click here.

While this is one of the shortest chapters in the book, it is essential information for the new creation. Adam male and Adam female (who is now called Adam Sun) are taught the reality of core emotions in life. The beginning of the lessons about the “Law of Light” is found in the ability to trust. The GPS of trust are the emotions of joy and fear. As Dom explains to the Adam’s, “When you think things that don’t bring you joy, stop and think them over again.”

How many thoughts do we have in any given day that take us into a place of fear, anger, depression, etc. Joy is the ability to function in any circumstance and know that life is good. To many people, this seems almost childlike simplicity. How can we feel joy when the pain of life becomes so intense. To me, it depends on our eternal perspective. This is an 80 year pause in our eternal journey. No matter what happens in this 80 year journey on earth, it is only a piece of the total plan. Further, because we become so obsessed with the 80 year journey, we become “possessive” of the things that we accumulate. The shadow of life would want us to focus on our possessions and our own strength. The power of light declares we are all one and cannot ever truly posses things or people around us. Just ask someone who is dead; they will tell you how much “stuff” they took with them when they left earth.

Joy and love are the key emotions of life. They come from trusting in the goodness of life. Fear and anger come from trusting in our own strength.

How do you maintain joy in your journey? How has fear blocked the joy of life? Share your thoughts with all of us so we may journey together.

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Wednesday, February 16, 2011


This is the continuing blog about the book I Am Adam by J.T.Twerell. For a  copy of the book contact Click here.

The new creations for the earth are eight female humans who walk only in the knowledge of light. They are all known as the species of Adam and while separated from each other at various locations, are near enough that they will be able to find each other if they search.

The eight males of the species are remnants from the first creation and are a reflection of both light and shadow.

The first of the species we meet is the female Adam in the garden area near Domatarious and Satari. By nature she is innocent and childlike, but very curious. She is at peace with her world and one with the animals and life that surround her. The introduction of the female Adam was somewhat difficult to write because she lacks sophistication, yet is filled with great wisdom. Her best friend is the leopard Sumba, who she sleeps and plays with on a regular basis. Sumba’s ability to reproduce is a frustration for Adam as she has not discovered how to accomplish this herself.

I tried to feel the innocence of Adam and portray what it must be like to walk in such trust. In all honesty, it was almost impossible to truly capture  that level of trust and security. That discovery truly made me sad, for it is a statement of the loss to which we humans have deteriorated .
Adam’s healing with the dog Wellna is an outflow of the trust she has in the goodness of life. Her belief is that whatever is broken can be fixed, because everything in life works in harmony. When you see how magnificent the human body is, and how it is designed to heal itself when properly cared for, the ability to pass on healing seems like a reasonable expectation. Stress, anger, poor diet, anxiety, worry, etc. are all deterrents to healing. Imagine if we lived without these negative shadows in our life, how much longer would we live and how much healthier would we be.

Satari then introduces Domatarious to the male Adam, who is more detached and less trusting than the female. He is territorial and possessive about the world he has created. He competes with the animals in many ways, and starts to heard sheep in his field rather than let them run wild. Are these instincts the impact of the shadow or just wise use of the environment. Somehow, when we begin to look at the world around us as something we can possess, we lose our sense of awe at the provision given to us.

 If I possess something, then am I really one with it. This is the first cry of the ego. It is that thought of having more, being better, and being separate that causes conflict in a beautiful creation. Do I really posses anything, or have I simply accumulated another thing that will not give me peace. What really is the benefit of accumulation. There are benefits, but I would like to hear your thoughts. The Adam male and Adam female are different, yet they are truly one. This will be tested when next they meet.

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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Chapter 3 – Year 1

Chapter 3 – Year 1

This is the continuing blog about the book I Am Adam by J.T.Twerell. For a copy of the book Click here.

Imagine what it might feel like to suddenly come upon someone just like yourself, when all you have known are animals. While Dom and Satari had informed both the male and female Adams of other existence, nothing can prepare a person for such a confrontation. In the fast pace of modern life, we have lost the ability to really appreciate the beauty of each other. We either take people for granted, become annoyed at their interference in our life, or admire them for some selfish need.

Adam male and Adam female meet with a sense that this new person in their life is important and unique. While cautious, they begin to explore both their emotional and physical makeup. Obviously, the sexual differences are a curiosity and they are drawn to each other because of their differences, yet feel safe because of their similarities.

The moment of passion between the male and female Adam is a very important part of the new creation. The myths of the creation tell us that Adam and Eve were naked and were not ashamed. After the “fall” they covered their nakedness. How sad. I’m not promoting a society of nudist, but how sad it is to lose track of the beauty of God’s creation because of a sense of shame and guilt. As a therapist, I see so many couples who simply lost the ability to appreciate each other physically. Love is an expression of spirit, soul and body. Adam male express this when he says “I have seen my friends in the forest come together like this and from it they made new lives. However this is more than just making new life.”

The ability to appreciate the beauty and passion of sexual expression is lost in a maze of social and religious perspectives. How wonderful if we could go back to worshiping God by appreciating the beauty of his creation in all aspects of life.

As Adam males says, “Satari tells me the sun gives life to this world, so to me you are Sun. To me you are Adam Sun and I am happy to be with you.” With this, he kissed her shoulder and then their lips met once more and they embraced as the warmth of the day shared the newfound warmth of their souls. Tears came to her eyes as she said, “I am Adam Sun, and I am happy.”

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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Chapter 2

The New Creation
This is the continuing blog about the book I Am Adam by J.T.Twerell. For a  copy of the book contact Click here.

Satari tells Domatarious about the new creations known as Adam. She explains that a remnant of the old creation remains which will be integrated into the new earth. However, the new creation is a gift from the God of All Good Things and is pure light.

Many ask about the reference to “God of All Good Things” and question if there is a god of all bad things. To me there is only one force in the universe that fits the description of “God” and that "God" is “All Good”. The emphasis of “God of All Good Things” is designed to draw attention to the concept that all creation is good. Religion seems to want to find fault with everything and bring its followers into fear and darkness. The concept of a creator who only creates “All Good Things” is an important part of the entire story. The concept of “Shadow” which constantly plagues the new creation is not something bad, it is just another aspect of good.

In my office I have several shadows, because I have several different lights turned on as I sit here. The only reason that the shadow exists is because of the light being turned on in the office. If I want to remove the shadow, I simply turn on more and more light. If I turned off all the lights, and immersed the office in total darkness, then it would appear that shadow won. However, If I light a match, then the shadow will retreat. There is never enough darkness to put out light.

The goodness of creation is the availability of opposites that balance each other. Shadow and light balance each other, but in total harmony, light is the power. The creation reflects opposites in “right and left”, “up and down”, “male and female”. Etc. These are opposite, but not separate. Together they reflect the totality of creation. Thus, as we journey into the new creation known as Adam, we are introduced to the first Adam, and she is wonderful.

Reflect on how you see life. Is your thinking separate or harmonious? We will have differences, but not separation. That is the joy of the journey. Let me know your thoughts, for they are part of our journey together. Place a comment on the page below or email me at Let's talk about this together and see what harmony we can find in our diversity. You can also join us at our blog Relationships and Romance: Some continuing thoughts.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Chapter 1

Chapter 1 - Earth 1 = failure

This is the continuing blog about the book I Am Adam by J.T.Twerell. For a copy of the book contact Click here.

Domatarious's eternal side-kick shows up early in the book. Satari is the feminine side of the creative process, demonstrating a greater expression of sensitivity and feeling. In any creative process, in order to express perfection, it is necessary to have the masculine and feminine in harmony. This concept is an integral part of the development of the new Adam's.

Satari brings Domatarious up to date about the failure of the first creation to move beyond self preservation, the root of all animal instinct. She explains that the new creation never got out of their shadow and thus missed the power of light. Shadow is at the core of our human problems, as it is a reflection of the insecurity of our ego. The ego is an evaluative part of the human experience that analyses data and provides insight based upon past experience. If I was bitten by a dog when I was a child, I will have a negative ego reaction to dogs as an adult, for that is my data base. If I want to get over this fear, then I have to consciously offset the voice of the ego. It is like spell-check on a computer, if I spell "jenk" on my computer, it flashes red, indicating it is misspelled. If "jenk" is a word I want to use, I have to change the data in my computer's spell-check so the word will not be flagged.

Satari explains that the original creation never got into a place where they could go beyond ego and enter into light, which is a spiritual place of truth and understanding is not limited by three dimensional experience. Dr. Wayne Dyer states that EGO stands for Edging God Out. I think that is a good place to begin understanding of the Adam creation. Light = Putting God In. Shadow = Edging God Out.

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Tuesday, February 1, 2011


When I Am Adam was published, the one question that kept coming up was, "Who is Domatarious"? I've been told I was communing with spirit guides and that action, depending on who I was talking with at the time, was either wonderful or terrible.

In all honesty, Domatarious came to me as a guiding character when I began to write Chapter 1. My thought was to portray how a creation existed on earth prior to the human species and how it failed to complete the objective of propagation. The character of Domatarious appeared in the first chapter and never retreated. As I spent more time with Domatarious I began to think of him as very real part of my journey. This became an even greater relationship experience as I wrote the sequel to I Am Adam, "The Light and the Shadow", which is another Domatarious book.

For the purpose of this blog's excursions, let's just say he is a strong expression of some spiritual insights. Much like Neale Donald Walsch's experience in his books "Conversations with God", I will let you draw your own conclusions. I do ask that you not speak negatively about my journey unless you speak it directly to me here in the blog. I am not offended by opinions, but I do like to listen to others opinions and exchange my opinions in the same manner. Besides, in ten years we will probably all change our opinions somewhat, so why take them so personally. As for me, I just like Light more than Shadow.

Which is a cleaver way to take us to the core thought in I Am Adam :  the Law of the Power of Love and Light. The essence of this "law" is simple: there is not enough shadow in the universe to put out light, but whenever light comes forward, shadow will always disappear. Thus, if we continue to think and dwell in negativity (Shadow), it will produce more negativity. However, if we begin to think positive (Light) then the negative will begin to disappear.

This basic formula impacts every aspect of life, for the creative premise of all life is found in the power of sowing and reaping. If you sow positive, you will harvest positive and vice versa. Call it Karma, Law of Attraction, bread on the waters, or the law of physics "for every action there is an opposite and equal reaction"; the principle is the same.

 The book called the "Secret" was not really about a secret, as every major religion demonstrates some component of sowing and reaping. If you plant beans in your garden, don't be upset if corn doesn't grow; what you sow is what you reap.
Give us your thoughts on this. Ever have Light disperse Shadow? Do you agree with the concept? Have you had a spiritual or mystical experience that transformed your thoughts? What does "Sowing and Reaping" mean in your life? Place a comment on the page below or email me at Let's talk about this together and see what harmony we can find in our diversity. You can also join us at our blog Relationships and Romance: Some continuing thoughts.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Why I wrote, “I AM ADAM”.

I am Adam is a fictional story about the creation of the human species. The core to the book comes from the bible verse in Genisis 5: 1,2 "This is the book of generations of Adam. In the day that God created man, in the likeness of God Made he him: Male and female created he them; and blessed them, and called their name Adam, in the day when they were created.

I found this an interesting statement. It is in the Judeo/Christian writings, but generally overlooked. It is a statement of true equality between male and female - they both were called Adam. This was a true proclamation of harmony and oneness in the creation that greatly lost its significance as the patriarchal overtone began to consume theological understanding. If original concepts avoided the duality of understanding that dominates our society today, how different would the creation story be? I think it would be a love story reflecting the beauty of the love of the creator toward creation and the creations love for each other. Fantasy? Yes, but much kinder than some of the reality facing us today.

I decided to start a story about creation formulated around this theme of unity and equality. The book had no outline; I simply let it write itself. As it took on its own life, it became a mystical experiece in which thoughts and concepts I had never considered began to appear before me. Since its publication, I am Adam has been a sourse of inspiration and conflict, depending upon who was reading the material. Over the next weeks, I will dialogue on the book and give my thoughts on what I believe the story is saying, and provide a place for discussion and questions.

Obviously, it will help if you have a copy to read. If you want a copy Click Here. . Email to

I hope you will join me as we explore true love, harmony, and joy in the first romance story ever written; the story of creation.