Tuesday, February 1, 2011


When I Am Adam was published, the one question that kept coming up was, "Who is Domatarious"? I've been told I was communing with spirit guides and that action, depending on who I was talking with at the time, was either wonderful or terrible.

In all honesty, Domatarious came to me as a guiding character when I began to write Chapter 1. My thought was to portray how a creation existed on earth prior to the human species and how it failed to complete the objective of propagation. The character of Domatarious appeared in the first chapter and never retreated. As I spent more time with Domatarious I began to think of him as very real part of my journey. This became an even greater relationship experience as I wrote the sequel to I Am Adam, "The Light and the Shadow", which is another Domatarious book.

For the purpose of this blog's excursions, let's just say he is a strong expression of some spiritual insights. Much like Neale Donald Walsch's experience in his books "Conversations with God", I will let you draw your own conclusions. I do ask that you not speak negatively about my journey unless you speak it directly to me here in the blog. I am not offended by opinions, but I do like to listen to others opinions and exchange my opinions in the same manner. Besides, in ten years we will probably all change our opinions somewhat, so why take them so personally. As for me, I just like Light more than Shadow.

Which is a cleaver way to take us to the core thought in I Am Adam :  the Law of the Power of Love and Light. The essence of this "law" is simple: there is not enough shadow in the universe to put out light, but whenever light comes forward, shadow will always disappear. Thus, if we continue to think and dwell in negativity (Shadow), it will produce more negativity. However, if we begin to think positive (Light) then the negative will begin to disappear.

This basic formula impacts every aspect of life, for the creative premise of all life is found in the power of sowing and reaping. If you sow positive, you will harvest positive and vice versa. Call it Karma, Law of Attraction, bread on the waters, or the law of physics "for every action there is an opposite and equal reaction"; the principle is the same.

 The book called the "Secret" was not really about a secret, as every major religion demonstrates some component of sowing and reaping. If you plant beans in your garden, don't be upset if corn doesn't grow; what you sow is what you reap.
Give us your thoughts on this. Ever have Light disperse Shadow? Do you agree with the concept? Have you had a spiritual or mystical experience that transformed your thoughts? What does "Sowing and Reaping" mean in your life? Place a comment on the page below or email me at JTTwerell@JTTwerell.com. Let's talk about this together and see what harmony we can find in our diversity. You can also join us at our blog Relationships and Romance: Some continuing thoughts.