Wednesday, February 16, 2011


This is the continuing blog about the book I Am Adam by J.T.Twerell. For a  copy of the book contact Click here.

The new creations for the earth are eight female humans who walk only in the knowledge of light. They are all known as the species of Adam and while separated from each other at various locations, are near enough that they will be able to find each other if they search.

The eight males of the species are remnants from the first creation and are a reflection of both light and shadow.

The first of the species we meet is the female Adam in the garden area near Domatarious and Satari. By nature she is innocent and childlike, but very curious. She is at peace with her world and one with the animals and life that surround her. The introduction of the female Adam was somewhat difficult to write because she lacks sophistication, yet is filled with great wisdom. Her best friend is the leopard Sumba, who she sleeps and plays with on a regular basis. Sumba’s ability to reproduce is a frustration for Adam as she has not discovered how to accomplish this herself.

I tried to feel the innocence of Adam and portray what it must be like to walk in such trust. In all honesty, it was almost impossible to truly capture  that level of trust and security. That discovery truly made me sad, for it is a statement of the loss to which we humans have deteriorated .
Adam’s healing with the dog Wellna is an outflow of the trust she has in the goodness of life. Her belief is that whatever is broken can be fixed, because everything in life works in harmony. When you see how magnificent the human body is, and how it is designed to heal itself when properly cared for, the ability to pass on healing seems like a reasonable expectation. Stress, anger, poor diet, anxiety, worry, etc. are all deterrents to healing. Imagine if we lived without these negative shadows in our life, how much longer would we live and how much healthier would we be.

Satari then introduces Domatarious to the male Adam, who is more detached and less trusting than the female. He is territorial and possessive about the world he has created. He competes with the animals in many ways, and starts to heard sheep in his field rather than let them run wild. Are these instincts the impact of the shadow or just wise use of the environment. Somehow, when we begin to look at the world around us as something we can possess, we lose our sense of awe at the provision given to us.

 If I possess something, then am I really one with it. This is the first cry of the ego. It is that thought of having more, being better, and being separate that causes conflict in a beautiful creation. Do I really posses anything, or have I simply accumulated another thing that will not give me peace. What really is the benefit of accumulation. There are benefits, but I would like to hear your thoughts. The Adam male and Adam female are different, yet they are truly one. This will be tested when next they meet.

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