Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Chapter 10 year 18

 Chapter 10 year 18  

This is the continuing blog about the book I Am Adam by J.T.Twerell. For a copy of the book Click here.

This was one of my favorite chapters as it allowed me to really pour out all I was sensing within my own soul. I won’t say that Domatarious was sitting with me, but this was one time that the words took on a life of their own.

 Eve, as she had requested, is called upon to return to earth but is amazed that it happens so soon. Domatarious explains that ten years had passed, but she didn’t know it as there is no sense of time in eternity. I often think how limited we are because of the constraints of time. Life itself is limited in understanding because we feel trapped by death. A sense of eternity allows us to live one moment at a time, not concerned about the future or trying to change the past.   

Several deep insights are brought to light in this chapter. The first is the reality of “soul connection” with other humans. In the scenario of eternity, as explored in this book, the journey through eternity has many stopping off places in which we develop connections with other eternal beings. Adam and Sun have a deep connection on earth and will have that connection all through eternity. While they may not remember each other during their different stops, they will sense the connection and know that this is a special relationship.

 I have that feeling in many different aspects of life. I know I am soul connected to my wife and I have other relationships that are uniquely deep in their makeup. I treasure those relationships, even if some were fleeting, because they connect me with my eternal journey.    

The next insight is the inability for us to fail in our human journey. The plan of God will work perfectly, for that is what  eternity is all about. We can walk in harmony with that plan during our earth years and find peace and fullness of life. Or we can walk according to our own understanding, ignoring any spiritual connection, and not enjoy the abundance available to us. Either way, we are simply on a course which will prove that love never fails. If we don’t grasp that lesson while on earth, we will see it upon our return to eternity and will rejoice at the knowledge. Again, there is no threat of punishment for doing it wrong. I think this is the main thought that separates I Am Adam from general organized religion. If there is unconditional love, with no punishment, the journey is one of joy. Others will disagree with the concept on no hell, but it is a primary position in the book.   

The next insight is the concept of Providers. I had never had a conscious thought about this type of 4th dimensional activity, but when I began to write about them, I felt an unbelievable joy. Think about the Providers who are there to make our life full if we simply walk in the harmony of love and light. If we walk in shadow and anger, then we remove the Providers from our journey. I sincerely believe this is a reality, but it is up to each reader to determine their understanding.     

These are simple concepts, but they can transform our journey if we grasp them. Let me know your thoughts about these insights. Agree or disagree, it really doesn’t matter, it is just part of our journey.  Leave a comment below or email me at JTTwerell@JTTwerell.com.