Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Chapter 2

The New Creation
This is the continuing blog about the book I Am Adam by J.T.Twerell. For a  copy of the book contact Click here.

Satari tells Domatarious about the new creations known as Adam. She explains that a remnant of the old creation remains which will be integrated into the new earth. However, the new creation is a gift from the God of All Good Things and is pure light.

Many ask about the reference to “God of All Good Things” and question if there is a god of all bad things. To me there is only one force in the universe that fits the description of “God” and that "God" is “All Good”. The emphasis of “God of All Good Things” is designed to draw attention to the concept that all creation is good. Religion seems to want to find fault with everything and bring its followers into fear and darkness. The concept of a creator who only creates “All Good Things” is an important part of the entire story. The concept of “Shadow” which constantly plagues the new creation is not something bad, it is just another aspect of good.

In my office I have several shadows, because I have several different lights turned on as I sit here. The only reason that the shadow exists is because of the light being turned on in the office. If I want to remove the shadow, I simply turn on more and more light. If I turned off all the lights, and immersed the office in total darkness, then it would appear that shadow won. However, If I light a match, then the shadow will retreat. There is never enough darkness to put out light.

The goodness of creation is the availability of opposites that balance each other. Shadow and light balance each other, but in total harmony, light is the power. The creation reflects opposites in “right and left”, “up and down”, “male and female”. Etc. These are opposite, but not separate. Together they reflect the totality of creation. Thus, as we journey into the new creation known as Adam, we are introduced to the first Adam, and she is wonderful.

Reflect on how you see life. Is your thinking separate or harmonious? We will have differences, but not separation. That is the joy of the journey. Let me know your thoughts, for they are part of our journey together. Place a comment on the page below or email me at JTTwerell@JTTwerell.com. Let's talk about this together and see what harmony we can find in our diversity. You can also join us at our blog Relationships and Romance: Some continuing thoughts.