Friday, April 29, 2011

Chapter 17 - Year 35

The conflict with Light and Shadow reaches the summit. Dawn and Hunter excitedly cross the river and discover a campsite. At last they have found other Adam families and can bring their people together with others after a long journey. Sunna and Fire are resolved to go forward with their desire to restore relationships between Adam Fish's family and the other members of the village.

However, Adam fish is now blinded by his own shadow and is prepared to kill Dawn, who he has mistakenly assumed was Dawn's twin sister Eve. The conflict begins and Adam Fish captures Dawn, stabs Hunter, and attempts to kill his own son, Fire. The blindness of our ego always leads to the destruction of the things we have tried to accomplish. The ego of emperors and kings has always led to the destruction of nations and kingdoms they rule. The ego of individuals in relationships will bring down the very relationship they try to possess. The shadow side of ego is part of each individual, but even stronger is the power of light. It is the choice of the individual.

Dawn is rescued by the people in the village and is restored to her sister Eve. The power of healing is demonstrated by Sunna, showing the gift has successfully been passed on to another generation. Adam Fish is taken to the village, for now a decision must be made about how to deal with Adam Fish's murderous intent. While it appears the light has triumphed over shadow, the story is still far from finished.

Watching the destructive power within Adam Fish has been a lesson to me. I must consciously choose to walk in Light and love, for shadow is ever present. I hope other can see this destructive power and learn form the actions of Adam Fish. 

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Friday, April 22, 2011

Chapter 16 - year 35

Fifteen years have passed since Eve left her people and made the journey down the river. In that time, her twin sister Dawn has entered a relationship with Adam Hunter, who was originally with Wind. I did ponder on this relationship, but decided it made more sense than the biblical Adam and Eve story, where suddenly there were other females that were having children. I do struggle with the thought that the bible needs to be taken literally when it has so many places that defy explanation. To me the bible is an inspired account of the spiritual growth of the Hebrew nation as given to each generation. The new testament, which I personally believe needs to be separated from the old testament, as they are two separate concepts, is an inspired account of the teachings of Jesus. By now I have probably antagonized a large portion of people, so let us return to the story.

Dawn and Hunter are filled with life and love as they seek a new path for the larger family following them. On the other shore is Sunna and Fire, who are also filled with life and love. However, in the middle is the shadow of Adam Fish, who seeks only to further his own interest and bring everyone into submission to his thinking. The contrast between the Light and the Shadow is very clear in this chapter, and establishes the focus for the remainder of the book.

Adam Fish is convinced that everything around him can be possessed. He sees the fish as MY fish, his wife as MY wife, his children as MY children and thoroughly believes that all things are there for him to use at his pleasure. The fact that his mate Day has stopped having sex with him is not a problem, he will simply have sex with his daughters when they are old enough. Nothing is sacred but Adam Fish. I wish this was fiction, but just listen to the world around and see how much struggle takes place because everyone wants to possess the world around them and call it "MINE". There is no room for "WE" in a world run by "I".

Dawn and Hunter discover the path into Adam Fish's camp, and Adam Fish spots them on the shore. In his desire to rid the world of Eve and her lies, he thinks Dawn is Eve and can not believe his good fortune as he plot to kill her when she enters his camp. The Light and the Shadow are about to collide.

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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Chapter 15 -- year 33

Domatarious makes his presence known to Star in order to give guidance and insight for the journey ahead. Star and Moon have traveled far as they seek both Eve and a path for the sheep to follow. The interaction with Domatarious opens Stars understanding about his personal journey and the challenges ahead.

To me, the pertinant part of this chapter is the description Domatarious provides about the purpose of the eternal journey, especially the part here on earth. He explains that the power of the Law of Love and Light is in our ability to see the beauty of God's plan even when circumstances tell us things are difficult.

The journey of life on earth is a small part of eternity, and can really be seen as a classroom along the way. If the journey is truly following the thoughts of God, then Light and Love are the tools provided for our use. But the only way we can truly undertstand the power of Light and Love is to experience situations that are contrary to the beauty of God's thoughts. The difficulties of life are always around us, but they are not there to defeat us; they are here to provide opportunities to see Light and Love in action. Our choice is to either trust in the power of Light and Love, or walk in the pain of the difficult circumstances.

Once again, Domatarious shows the availbility of the Providers to bring us all we need for the journey. If we walk in harmony with the Power of Light and Love, then we will recieve the abundace necessary for our journey. When we choose to walk in disharmony, then the Providers leave us to our own abilites to provide for ourself.

The second part of the chapter is the return of Sunna to the territory of Fire and Adam Fish. Much like the section with Star and Domatarious, the interaction between Sunna and Fire is a chance to watch the power of Love and Light as it works in the midst of the difficult energy brought by Fire. Sunna never backs down, nor attacks. Rather, she trusts in the feeling she has within her soul. The bitterness and anger taught by Adam Fish begins to crumble as Star touches the beauty of Love and Light.

In all our journeys, we have the ability to either walk in darkness of shadow, or follow the harmony of Love and Light. This may be a fiction story, but in my personal life, these truths are a proven reality. Have you seen this reality in your journey? Leave a comment or email me at

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Chapter 14 -Year 33

This is the continuing blog about the book I Am Adam by J.T.Twerell. For a copy of the book Click here.

Love moves to one more generation. Sunna, now around 13 discovers the son of Adam Fish. Sun, in her eternal place with Dom, requested to return to earth and be with someone who was not as open to the Power of Love and Light. She then returned to earth as the life force within Sunna and now comes in contact with Fire, the rather stubborn son of Adam Fish.

To me, the purpose of our journey on earth is to discover the depth of the Love of God for his creation. In our journey, we encounter hardship and difficulty so we have opportunity to trust in the Love of God. If we succeed in this, we will learn a deeper lesson in our soul and enjoy the fruit os success. If we fail, and trust only in our own understanding, then we will miss the opportunity to see the love of God in action. However, I sincerely believe that we will discover that missed reality at our human death, and that lesson will become part of our souls journey. 

Sunna and Fire interact on the beach, and each shows the depth of their environmental training. Sunna, guided by Eve and Adam's love and understanding, shows confidence in her own abilities and is not intimidated by Fire's challenge. Fire on the other hand, reflects the insecurity and mistrust of Adam Fish. Insecurity about life forces a person to develop strong rules and regulations, and Adam Fish has instilled both the rules and the insecurity in Fire.

The prayers of the people have gone forth asking for Adam Fish to be reconciled to the family. Now Sunna and Fire have an opportunity to reach across the gap and possibly make a new start. There is risk in letting the relationship grow, but risk is the price of success.

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