Friday, April 22, 2011

Chapter 16 - year 35

Fifteen years have passed since Eve left her people and made the journey down the river. In that time, her twin sister Dawn has entered a relationship with Adam Hunter, who was originally with Wind. I did ponder on this relationship, but decided it made more sense than the biblical Adam and Eve story, where suddenly there were other females that were having children. I do struggle with the thought that the bible needs to be taken literally when it has so many places that defy explanation. To me the bible is an inspired account of the spiritual growth of the Hebrew nation as given to each generation. The new testament, which I personally believe needs to be separated from the old testament, as they are two separate concepts, is an inspired account of the teachings of Jesus. By now I have probably antagonized a large portion of people, so let us return to the story.

Dawn and Hunter are filled with life and love as they seek a new path for the larger family following them. On the other shore is Sunna and Fire, who are also filled with life and love. However, in the middle is the shadow of Adam Fish, who seeks only to further his own interest and bring everyone into submission to his thinking. The contrast between the Light and the Shadow is very clear in this chapter, and establishes the focus for the remainder of the book.

Adam Fish is convinced that everything around him can be possessed. He sees the fish as MY fish, his wife as MY wife, his children as MY children and thoroughly believes that all things are there for him to use at his pleasure. The fact that his mate Day has stopped having sex with him is not a problem, he will simply have sex with his daughters when they are old enough. Nothing is sacred but Adam Fish. I wish this was fiction, but just listen to the world around and see how much struggle takes place because everyone wants to possess the world around them and call it "MINE". There is no room for "WE" in a world run by "I".

Dawn and Hunter discover the path into Adam Fish's camp, and Adam Fish spots them on the shore. In his desire to rid the world of Eve and her lies, he thinks Dawn is Eve and can not believe his good fortune as he plot to kill her when she enters his camp. The Light and the Shadow are about to collide.

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