Friday, April 29, 2011

Chapter 17 - Year 35

The conflict with Light and Shadow reaches the summit. Dawn and Hunter excitedly cross the river and discover a campsite. At last they have found other Adam families and can bring their people together with others after a long journey. Sunna and Fire are resolved to go forward with their desire to restore relationships between Adam Fish's family and the other members of the village.

However, Adam fish is now blinded by his own shadow and is prepared to kill Dawn, who he has mistakenly assumed was Dawn's twin sister Eve. The conflict begins and Adam Fish captures Dawn, stabs Hunter, and attempts to kill his own son, Fire. The blindness of our ego always leads to the destruction of the things we have tried to accomplish. The ego of emperors and kings has always led to the destruction of nations and kingdoms they rule. The ego of individuals in relationships will bring down the very relationship they try to possess. The shadow side of ego is part of each individual, but even stronger is the power of light. It is the choice of the individual.

Dawn is rescued by the people in the village and is restored to her sister Eve. The power of healing is demonstrated by Sunna, showing the gift has successfully been passed on to another generation. Adam Fish is taken to the village, for now a decision must be made about how to deal with Adam Fish's murderous intent. While it appears the light has triumphed over shadow, the story is still far from finished.

Watching the destructive power within Adam Fish has been a lesson to me. I must consciously choose to walk in Light and love, for shadow is ever present. I hope other can see this destructive power and learn form the actions of Adam Fish. 

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