Sunday, March 20, 2011

Chapter 12--- year 20

Chapter 12--- year 20

This is the continuing blog about the book I Am Adam by J.T.Twerell. For a copy of the book Click here.

In this chapter we enter into the deeper conflict between Light and shadow. Dom meets with Eve and gives her insight to the "eyes of the soul". This concept is something that I have personally seen in my journey. To me it is similar to a spiritual GPS providing guidance through the intricacies of life. If we sense a place of peace within our very being, we are on the correct path for our journey. 

This place of peace indicates we are in harmony with the universe and the positive impact it contains. Disharmony brings us a sense of fear, anger, anxiety, etc. and needs to be examined to see where we went off track. To me, this is a place of contentment with life. In the New Testament, Paul states in Phillipians, "What ever place I find myself, there I am content". 

To me this is a place that I may not feel happy, for happiness appears periodically and is not a permanent part of our journey. However, even if I an not happy, I can feel content if I trust in the larger part of all creation; the plans of God. The eyes of the soul, is the place we see the activity around us not from a place of interpretation by my experience, but from a place of trusting in the larger purpose of God. 

Eve carries this understanding into the meeting with Adam Fish, who is the embodiment of shadow understanding. In this understanding, the only thing that truly matters is self and the things self needs to get through life. While we do need to protect our journey, we also need to work in concert with others so we may be in harmony with each other as we are in harmony with God. 

Adam Fish believes that what he produces belongs to him and refuses to share openly with the community. This idea of "I own the world around me" is the conclusion of dualism, as it openly claims I am separate from others. The core of I am Adam, is all are truly one.

This plays out in a different scenario when Adam and Eve are talking about "owning" each other in the relationship. This is a continuing conversation from the earlier time when Eve discusses the aspect of "owning" each other with Wind. To me, this sense of possessiveness is the downfall of human experience. As long as I believe I am better than others, I will compete for supremacy, or I will fall to another's superiority. Either way, I am no longer one with all creation.

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