Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Chapter 3 – Year 1

Chapter 3 – Year 1

This is the continuing blog about the book I Am Adam by J.T.Twerell. For a copy of the book Click here.

Imagine what it might feel like to suddenly come upon someone just like yourself, when all you have known are animals. While Dom and Satari had informed both the male and female Adams of other existence, nothing can prepare a person for such a confrontation. In the fast pace of modern life, we have lost the ability to really appreciate the beauty of each other. We either take people for granted, become annoyed at their interference in our life, or admire them for some selfish need.

Adam male and Adam female meet with a sense that this new person in their life is important and unique. While cautious, they begin to explore both their emotional and physical makeup. Obviously, the sexual differences are a curiosity and they are drawn to each other because of their differences, yet feel safe because of their similarities.

The moment of passion between the male and female Adam is a very important part of the new creation. The myths of the creation tell us that Adam and Eve were naked and were not ashamed. After the “fall” they covered their nakedness. How sad. I’m not promoting a society of nudist, but how sad it is to lose track of the beauty of God’s creation because of a sense of shame and guilt. As a therapist, I see so many couples who simply lost the ability to appreciate each other physically. Love is an expression of spirit, soul and body. Adam male express this when he says “I have seen my friends in the forest come together like this and from it they made new lives. However this is more than just making new life.”

The ability to appreciate the beauty and passion of sexual expression is lost in a maze of social and religious perspectives. How wonderful if we could go back to worshiping God by appreciating the beauty of his creation in all aspects of life.

As Adam males says, “Satari tells me the sun gives life to this world, so to me you are Sun. To me you are Adam Sun and I am happy to be with you.” With this, he kissed her shoulder and then their lips met once more and they embraced as the warmth of the day shared the newfound warmth of their souls. Tears came to her eyes as she said, “I am Adam Sun, and I am happy.”

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