Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Chapter 18 - year 35

The conflict between the shadow as seen in Adam Fish and the light as depicted in Eve finally comes to a head in the village meeting. Adam Fish is the embodiment of what we call negative ego understanding. He has developed a narcissistic approach to life that demands everything follow his thinking. While he sees life through his own perspective, the ego needs to have an enemy to focus on so it can justify its position. Adam Fish sees Eve as the fullness of all evil, and truly believes she is the reason for all his problems. His statement that "all women are males who god has cursed. Her outside sex turns inside her for her shame" is a strong statement. Unfortunately, it is a statement made around 700 AD by the leaders of the Christian Church. Ego is ego, no matter when it shows up.

Eve begins to be transformed in her thinking as her life source (which is Satari) begins to surface. She sees things with new eyes and describes life in the same fashion as Domatarious described to Sun when she was in Eternity. Eve tells the families about the eight female Adam's who God created and how they and the male are a new chance for life on earth. Sending all the love and light she can muster, she tries to reach Adam Fish, but he gives into the Shadow and leaves the families all behind.

In one last attempt to bring Adam Fish into the Power of Love and Light, Eve journeys into Adam Fish's camp and confronts him. In his ego rage, Adam Fish plunges a blade into Eve, and destroys the life within her. Her dying words echo even through creation today, "Why Adam Fish? With so much love, why do this?" I wish we could answer that question today, but it goes unanswered.

Into the void that Eve leaves behind, her daughter Sunna steps into the focus of God's plan. As Domatarious promised Sun, she would have a second life on earth, and she would be an influence to thousands. As the life force in Sunna, Sun's journey continues.

This chapter is really the completion of the thought I wanted to convey in the book. The conflict of Shadow and Light is an ongoing problem in both individuals and society. Carl Jung talked about the collective unconscious of societies and how that understanding will define nations, politics, peace and wars.  In each of us is the ability to follow the Power of the Law of Love and Light.
 In the end of Chapter 19 I will give a list of what I see as the Laws of Love and Light. While we have touched on all of them in I Am Adam, they are clearly discussed in the second book of Domatarious Chronicles, "The Light and the Shadow", which is available through Amazon. Go to my website www.JTTwerell.com for more information.