Monday, February 28, 2011

Chapter 6 – Year 5

Chapter 6 – Year 5
This is the continuing blog about the book I Am Adam by J.T.Twerell. For a copy of the book Click here.

The population has increased over the years and now includes Star – the five year old male we met in the last chapter, and the twins Dawn and Eve, who are about 4. Sun has given birth to another male who is not identified in this chapter. Trying to catch the harmony of the environment was important, as Adam male and Adam Sun were really the embodiment of love and light together. They work together, laugh together, love together and reproduce together. Everything is balanced and in harmony.

Now it is time for a new dimension to enter the picture. Adam discovers another female who has been wounded and he brings her back to their clearing. This Adam is known as Wind and is the first meeting of the other Adam creations Satari and Domatarious mentioned earlier. While she is alone, she is pregnant, which causes Adam and Sun to wonder where the mate may be. This meeting is a step toward either larger harmony or major disharmony. Wind is hesitant in meeting, and very cautious about Adam male. We sense that there may have been some disharmony between Wind and her mate, but will explore this later.

The other main character in the chapter is Eve. Dawn and Eve are twins, but Eve seems to be more sensitive and intuitive to the things around her. We discover that she is in communication with Domatarious and he has been instructing her about the different aspects of her world and provides a quiet subtle guidance for her understanding.

Personally, I do believe that God (or the God of all Good Things) is constantly involved in the work of the creation. I can’t believe that there is a God who sits on a throne and brings either blessing or curse to the creation. It is just too Greek Myth for me. But I do see an ultimate power that orchestrates all life toward some magnificent and wonderful conclusion. The journey on earth is just part of our eternal journey, but it is a place to truly understand the power of love and how it works. I believe that each of us is able to have direction and communication form God, but we simply ignore or miss these interactions. This will be d4eveloped as the book unfolds.

This chapters last line was a place I had to stop and ponder when I wrote it “Time is a measure that limits understanding.” What did Domatarious mean by that? My only thought was the magnificence of thinking without boundaries. If I am eternal, what impact does time rally have on me? What are your thoughts on this? How do you see the creation and the creator?

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