Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Chapter 8 ----- year 9

Chapter 8 ----- year 9

This is the continuing blog about the book I Am Adam by J.T.Twerell. For a copy of the book Click here.

Nine years into the new creation and life progresses smoothly. The reference to Sun and Wind both having a new baby is the indication that they are both sharing a relationship with Adam, and have developed a harmonious flow of life. This is the continuation of the nondualism of the creation that we discussed in the previous chapter.

Eve continues to grow in wisdom and shares her newly troubled feelings with Domatarious. He indicates she is feeling an emotion from another who is not part of the family. The interesting thing about this chapter is I also felt the feeling of unrest as I began to write it. I didn’t want to continue it as I sensed it was not going to go smoothly. How many times have all of us had those feelings that we cant identify, but know are somehow significant.

If we are truly all one from creation, then it is logical we will sense deep feelings given off by others. As a therapist, I am very sensitive to the feeling a client brings into the room. What they say and what I feel are often quite different, and I have learned to go with the feeling. It has proven to be the best direction 99% of the time.

That night around the campfire is a combination of every possible emotion the new creation can produce. The singing and dancing the adult’s share around the campfire expresses the sheer joy of life. But then enters the darkness of the wounded Adam. After seeking out Wind, the new Adam finally discovers her happily living with a new group of people. Rather than feeling joy in his discovery, he allows the shadow to produce anger. Still believing that Wind belongs to him, he shatters the harmony of both the evening and of the creation. In the end, our beautiful and loving Adam Sun lies dead, leaving a devastated and broken Adam and Wind behind.

The major shift is seen in the depth of wisdom that Eve suddenly reveals. With the death of Sun, Eve is plunged into an understanding that transcends even her own grief. Eve is the power of Light that comes into the quickly forming shadows. She presents the alternatives to the shadow, but does not force anyone to change, for free will is sacred, and following the Light is always a choice.  In the midst of the darkest moment of the new creation, Light is challenged, but the truth is, there is never enough shadow to put out light.

What are the shadows in your life? What is the Light? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below or write me at JTTwerell@JTTwerell.com.