Sunday, May 8, 2011

Chapter 19

And so it ends. The new creation is underway in its journey to discover the reality of the power of Light and Love. Expanding toward the east, Star and others find more Adam families and continue on there journey toward the rising sun. I emphasized this direction as there has always been a deeper spiritual sense in the eastern religions. While I am personally more in harmony with the spiritual reality of Christ, I also see a tremendous compatibility between much of the eastern mystical thinking and the the teachings of Jesus. 

The celebration of Sun was a beautiful way to show the power of Light and the conflict of Shadow.  The ego darkness of Adam Fish leaves him alone and bitter, yet still believing in his own story. I believe much of the conflict in the middle east is the miss-placed ideas of ego. Perhaps they are simply the evolving generations of Adam Fish; however, this is still just a work of fiction.

Satari and Domatarious have planted the seeds of understanding and will now watch new generations of Adams evolve into the perfection of the plan of the God of All Good Things. We will join them again in Light and Shadow, which is now being distributed on Click here for more information on Light and Shadow and other books. 
The following is the summary of the spiritual teaching in I am Adam. Much thanks to all of you who have communicated with me on how deeply I Am Adam impacted your lives. Any thoughts you have would always be greatly appreciated. Write me at Walk in the Power of Love and Light.

James Twerell

1. There is no Shadow without Light, and Light is always stronger than Shadow. The deception of Shadow is the thought that we are separate from Light. The truth is we are one with the God-of-All-Good-Things and can never be separate from that place of security. The truth of Light brings us peace and joy for it shows we are one with God. Lean on the truth of Light and it will dispel shadow. The reality of this is that all struggles are over, as we cannot be separate from God. Shadow only brings the fear and uncertainty of being alone. Shadow and darkness of thought would have you create more shadow. Nevertheless, shadow acts when we are not calling Light to come forth. The Light will always lead to joy and abundance, so when you face shadow, believe in the Power of the Light, and shadow will disappear. Be aware of your feelings, for they will tell you if you are in Light or shadow. Light can only produce joy and abundance; shadow can only produce fear and lack. There is no separation from Light, for there is no separation from God.
2. The creation of all life is by God's thoughts. We are the thoughts of God, going forth from the creator to accomplish all the creator desires. All God's thoughts are good and therefore all creation is good. You are part of the goodness of the universe and are on earth to be God's thought on earth just as it is in heaven. God's thoughts are Divine beliefs, and beliefs always are creative actions. Our thoughts, held long enough, turn to beliefs, which also produce creativity. If our beliefs are negative, they will still be creative, but will not bring the abundance of joy. Our beliefs, in harmony with God's thoughts, find peace, joy and the abundance of love that are the totality of all God's thoughts. The teachings tell us God saw the void, and said, Let there be light, and there was light, and God saw that it was good.
3. You have the ability to produce what you want in order to go through this life with Joy. Because God provides for our life through the Law of Sowing and Reaping, that which we send forth comes back to us. Our thoughts control our beliefs and feelings. If we think negative and believe negative, we shall sow negative and reap negative back. If we focus on joy, abundance, and maintain a positive outlook, we shall sow this and reap it in return. Shadow and darkness of thoughts would tempt you to create more shadow, which the universe gives you if you believe you want it. However, shadow can only act if we do not call forth Light. The Light will always lead to joy and abundance, so when you face shadow, believe in the Power of the Light, and the universe will provide for you. What you feel will tell you if you are in Light or shadow. Light can only produce joy and abundance; shadow can only produce fear and lack. You will follow joy and abundance and the universe will provide for your journey.
4. Your creativity will provide for your journey. You can create that which you desire, and cannot create for others in their journey. However, your Light allows others the opportunity to remember their Light and turn shadow away. Use your power to create in order to bring joy and abundance to your life and your Light will guide those who seek direction out of the shadow. When you cling to the reality of the Light, shadow must disappear. You will create Light for other to know that shadow is fading and Light is abundantly available.
5. You will see with the eyes of your soul, things you cannot see with the eyes of the temporary earth form. In quiet meditation, focus on all that brings you joy, peace, and love and picture it as a reality in your life. Make this vision so real you see it every time you close your eyes. In this vision, the eyes of the soul will see the reality of all you desire to create for your journey. In your eyes of the soul, see all you desire in order to walk in Light. Make the vision of the eyes of soul your living reality and you will see in the natural all you have created in the eyes of the soul.
6. You are one with God, and are not separate from anything that is. You are one with all life, as all life is one with you. There is no division in the universe, for all things are of God and nothing can be separate. Everything and everyone you see is one with you for all things are in God. The thoughts of others or the circumstances you are in do not limit you for you are one with God. All power is in God and all power is in everything made by God, as all things are one. You have all power to create, live, love, and be joy. This is the gift of being, and is never lost. Shadow is an illusion of separation but Light is the only reality. As this Light increases in all creation, shadow will disappear forever, for there is no shadow in the God-of-All-Good-Things.
7. In love, there is ultimate joy, peace, and abundance. God creates and sustains all things by the Power of Love. Love does not seek to receive it only seeks to give. You must love yourself as part of God, and you must love others as yourself, as you are all one. Love is the first sound of God and the completion of all thoughts. Love creates joy and abundance. Love yourself, give joy to yourself, and give joy to others, for you have ultimate creative power of God and this love holds all life together. Truth teaches us, there is Faith, Hope, and Love; but the greatest of these is Love. In all things, because of God, Love Never Fails.